Affiliate Marketing Domain – 9 Quick Tips

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When you’re about to create a new money-making website, you have to come up with a suitable domain name.

Many people like to just get it over with quickly, since they’re eager to start building and earning money.

But make no mistake about it:

If you get your domain name wrong, your whole site could suffer greatly for years to come.

So, in this post, I’ll give you 9 quick tips for affiliate marketing domain names.

No BS or fluff; just what you really need to know.

1. Keep it on the shorter end if possible

This is essential for effective branding.

A general rule of thumb is to keep it fewer than 16 characters whenever possible.

If it’s composed of words that make sense together, making it easy to remember, you can get away with longer ones.

But still, keep in mind that longer domains are harder to both remember and type.

2. Don’t box yourself in

Even if you’re starting out with targeting a sub-niche, make room for expansion in the future.

This is best done with a branded domain name.

For example, instead of naming your domain “”, you’d name it “”.

As your site grows, this would then let you expand into other gardening topics than just flowers.

3. Be careful with puns or intentional misspellings

Some site builders like to misspell some common words on purpose, either to be funny or cool.

For really short domains, you could work this in as a branding move.

The longer your domain is, however, the higher the chances that people will simply misspell the quirky name, which over time will cost you valuable traffic.

So, best to avoid it unless you can somehow grab a really short name.

4. Use’s

For affiliate marketing domains, always go with dot coms.

Dot coms are seen as more trustworthy and professional in general, meaning you’ll get more commissions.

5. Avoid hyphens

A domain with hyphens just looks second-rate, to put it bluntly.

Plus, it adds another small hurdle for people to overcome, making misspellings more likely and putting off the lazier ones entirely from typing in your site’s URL.

Don’t use them, ever.

6. Keep your domains in a few places

Use one or two registrars to buy your domains (as always, I recommend Namecheap).

You don’t want to log in to a dozen different dashboards each time you want to check in on their status, edit their DNS, etc.

Keep your operation simple and smooth.

7. Use leandomainsearch to brainstorm ideas

  1. Go to
  2. Enter a topic or term from your targeted niche.
  3. Hit search.
  4. Play around with the filters in the sidebar.
  5. Look through the suggestions for suitable domain names for your affiliate site.

8. Never use existing brand names in your domain

Even if you combine them with other words, like “” it puts you at risk of receiving scary cease and desist letters (or in the worst-case scenario, even a full-on lawsuit).

Just stay away from existing brand names and come up with something original.

9. Go for evergreens

Avoid including anything that’s trendy or has an uncertain future in your domain name.

Go for names that are likely to stand the test of time.

Yes, you can migrate your site to a different domain name in the future if needed.

However, this can cause all sorts of major headaches you’d otherwise easily avoid; speaking from experience here.

So, keep your domain names evergreen.


And there you go — 9 quick tips for affiliate marketing domain names.

Even though this post was a quick read, it can potentially save you a lot of money and stress down the road, so keep these tips in mind.

Here’s a cheat sheet you can refer to in the future:

1. Keep it on the shorter end if possible.

2. Don’t box yourself in.

3. Be careful with puns/intentional misspellings.

4. Use dot coms (.com).

5. Avoid hyphens (-).

6. Keep your domains in 1-2 places.

7. Use to brainstorm ideas.

8. Never use existing brand names in your domain.

9. Go for evergreens.

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