Affiliate Website Examples – The BEST Way to Find Sites to Model

Affiliate Website Examples - BEST Way to Find Sites to Model

When you’re learning how to do something you’ve never done before, it’s always useful to look at examples of what you’re trying to accomplish.

Unfortunately, if you’re new to affiliate marketing, this can be a bit tricky to get a hold of.

This is because people who own successful affiliate sites don’t want too many eyes on their assets; especially not the eyes of aspiring affiliate marketers (for obvious reasons).

Because of this, if you want examples, you’re usually stuck with generalized descriptions and screenshots of earnings.

And if they actually show you one of their sites, you can bet that it’s probably not very profitable.

So, what should you do then, if you want to find affiliate websites to model for your own business?

Well, in this post, I’ll show you a simple but rarely-used method to do just that.

What I’m NOT Talking About

First off, I’m NOT talking about browsing through or other auction sites for domains.

If you’re not familiar with how that method works, here’s a quick rundown.

  1. Go to
  2. Hover over “Websites” in the top menu and click “by Categories” in the drop-down menu.
  3. In the “Filter by” sidebar, find “Website Types” and check the boxes “Blog” and “Review”.
  4. Sort by “Most profitable”
  5. Scroll down and look for sites that have Affiliate Marketing, Clickbank, Amazon, or Other as their listed Monetization.

You’ll see that some sites are hidden from public view and marked as “Confidential”.

These are not visible without a Flippa account.

However, you can easily take a look at the rest of the sites listed there by simply typing in their URLs in the address bar and hitting enter.

Now, browsing through Flippa like this is OK if you don’t know what niche you’re going for and you’re just looking to brainstorm some ideas.

Still, this method is really lacking because:

A: If you have a niche in mind, you can’t really nail it down properly with Flippa’s filters.

Instead, you’ll have to browse through the categories and hope your targeted niche comes up.

And B: A good chunk of the blog and review sites listed are just high-traffic sites with Adsense slapped onto them.

This is a really unoptimized way of doing things and not what we’re after.

The Best Way to Find Affiliate Website Examples: Affiliate Flag Finding

With the auction site method covered, let’s look at another simple but more effective way for finding affiliate site examples in specific niches.

I call this method affiliate flag finding.

Here are the steps:

1. Select a profitable niche you’d like to see website examples for.

For this post, I’ll choose the cryptocurrency niche.

2. Type “(your niche) affiliate programs” into Google and hit enter.

In this case, I’ll enter “cryptocurrency affiliate programs”.

3. Look through the search results for one or more articles listing the top affiliate programs for your niche.

For crypto, I found one titled “11 Lucrative Bitcoin & Crypto Affiliate Programs”.

4. Write down all of the products/services mentioned in the article.

5. Now, going down the list, type the names of each of the products or services followed by the keyword “review” into Google and hit search.

6. Look through the search results for an affiliate website with regular content, like articles and videos.

Ignore sites like Trustpilot etc.; just look at the blog-style websites.

For this example, I’ll pick the Coinrule platform (which was mentioned in the article I found earlier) and then I add the word “review”.

Scrolling down right past Trustpilot I find a page (or flag if you will) put there by tradingreview, laying claim to this position for this keyword.

Judging by the domain name, this is probably an affiliate site, so I click on it.

Analyzing Your Findings

As I click on it, I find a standard review article that you often see on affiliate sites, so it seems I found an affiliate flag.

Now, it’s not really the specific article itself we’re after, but the whole site; the flag planter, so to speak.

With that in mind, I start browsing through the site.

If we take a look at the sidebar, I can see a bunch of offers on display.

When I hover over them, I can tell by their addresses that they’re all affiliate offers — bingo!

Next, I check out the most important part:

The content.

Doing that, I notice that this guy went almost all in on money posts, which is NOT how you should do it.

(If you want a detailed breakdown of post types and optimal ratios, check out my course, the Golden Site Game Plan.)

Either way, I’m sure he’s making some money just from the sheer amount of posts he has, as well as the fact that he ranked first for Coinrule review in Google when I checked it.

(By the way, if you’re reading this, dude, sorry for exposing your site like this, but it had to be someone.)

Keep Searching Until You’re Satisfied

keyword research

Anyways, we’re not necessarily looking for the perfect site when we’re doing this; just for examples.

After you’ve taken a look at the affiliate site’s design, content, and monetization strategies, go back to the search results and continue scrolling down page 1, looking for other affiliate sites.

If you see any interesting ideas, write them down in your notepad as you go along.

Once you’re done with one of the “(product) review” keywords, look through the others.

If you’re done with all of those and want even more example sites to look through, read through the other “(your niche) affiliate programs” articles to find additional products and services to combine with the review keyword.

Alternative Ways to do Affiliate Flag Finding

The method we just went through is the fastest and easiest way to do Affiliate Flag Finding.

Still, there are some other ways to do it.

For example, you can go to an affiliate marketing platform like Clickbank or Shareasale, find some specific products, and then search for reviews of them in Google.

Or, you could think of some popular product types in your niche, like putters in golf, or MMA gloves in mixed martial arts.

Then, search for “best + (product type) + (current year)” in Google.

Like “best mma gloves 2021”, then, once again, look for flags belonging to affiliate marketing sites.


And that’s pretty much it; that’s Affiliate Flag Finding; THE best way to find affiliate website examples.

Quite simple, as you can see, but sometimes it takes a bit of time and effort to find flags planted by higher-quality sites.

Just keep searching until you find a handful of sites that look good and have a nice mix of info and money posts.

Then, you’ll have something to get inspired by, and it’ll be much easier to get started with your own site.

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