The 7 Best Clickbank Niches For BIG Profits

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Clickbank is an excellent opportunity if you’re an affiliate marketer — especially if you’re just starting out.

They’ve got a big selection of different offers, and most of them can be promoted without applying.

You just find a product, click a button, and you’ve got an affiliate link ready to go.

The best part about Clickbank, though, is the high commission rates.

We’re talking a 30%, 50%, or even 75% cut from a referred sale, depending on the vendor.

With so many offers available, though, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out where to start.

To help you with that decision, we’ll go through the 7 best Clickbank niches right here in this post.

What Is A Niche?

Before we delve into the best Clickbank niches of 2020, we need to make a few things clear.

There’s a difference between a general market, a niche, and a sub-niche.

In marketing terms, a niche is a smaller, focused part of a larger market, which can be targeted with tailor-made products and services to great effect.

A sub-niche is an even more focused part of a niche market, where highly-specialized products can be sold.

You’ll find some disagreements here and there about exactly where the lines should be drawn for each market.

That being said, here’s a common example of what I’m talking about:

General market: Self-help

Niche: Stress management

Sub-niche: Stress management for mothers

On Clickbank, you’ll see that the categories are generally markets, and the sub-categories are niches.

Pretty straightforward, right?

Ok, with that out of the way, let’s look at the 7 best Clickbank niches.

1. Diets & Weight Loss

It’s obvious, it’s cliché, but it has to be mentioned.

Weight loss is easily one of the biggest industries around — on and off the internet.

Although it’s a niche of the broader health and fitness market, the annual sales numbers are simply gargantuan.

It may feel like it’s completely saturated and that there’s no hope of breaking into it.

However, the demand cannot be understated.

Obesity is a big, big issue in the modern world.

According to the CDC:

“In 2017–2018, the age-adjusted prevalence of obesity in adults was 42.4%, and there were no significant differences between men and women among all adults or by age group.” (Source)

Being obese comes with a long list of mental and physical ailments.

Additionally, the constant threat of an early death looms near.

With such strong pain points, many people are willing to pay fast to get rid of them.


It’s not only obese people who buy weight loss services and programs.

You also have the guy or gal next door who has gotten just a bit too soft around the mid-section.

Then, there’s a sub-niche of fitness enthusiasts who really want to shred those last pounds of fat for a competition or photoshoot.

Many of angles, lots of products, and lots of money to be made.

Clickbank Overview

There are a number of good affiliate options when it comes to weight loss products, and Clickbank is no different.

In fact, this niche boasts some of the best-selling products on the platform.

Some of them have lower “average sale” numbers than I’d normally like.

However, they make up for that with high-quality sales pages and great affiliate resources pages — which helps explain the high gravity scores (indicating that many affiliates are earning commissions).

As stated, there are many angles (sub-niches) you can take here.

You’ve got your keto diets, smoothie diets, weight loss for women, hormone-related weight issues, and more.

All in all, lots of demand, professional sales pages, decent commissions, and mostly evergreen offers.

If you can get enough traffic, and do some skillful pre-selling on your videos, ads, or articles, this niche will make you money.

2. Marriage & Relationships

This is a big one that many new affiliate marketers tend to shy away from.

One of the main reasons for this is the challenge of writing content and ad copy for it.

Unless you have a lot of personal experience with dating, romance, breakups, etc. it can take a while to get all the nuances of this niche.

However, if you study the right Youtube channels, blogs, books, and marketing material, you can learn the language rather quickly.

Even just looking through the sales pages of the products can give you a good idea of what’s needed.

Jot down common keywords, observe the way they speak, and consider the problems that are discussed.

Some of the material, especially the video sales letters, may seem a bit corny.

Even so, make no mistake about it:

These offers sell like hotcakes.

If you can tap into the right emotional states, and use the right language, you’ve got a passionate audience here that’s ready to buy.

Clickbank Overview

On Clickbank, this niche has a number of high-converting offers aimed at both sexes.

There are many products with pretty high average sales, which justify the research effort that’s needed.

Another great benefit is all of the juicy rebills.

Yes, that’s right.

You receive payments as long as the buyer stays subscribed to whatever the vendor is selling.

Basically, passive income!

Bottom line:

The marriage and relationships niche has a slightly higher barrier of entry than most others.

However, if you have the experience, or you’re willing to learn, you’ll have plenty of profitable offers to choose from here.

3. Survivalist

This niche has been on a steady uptrend in the last decade, with no signs of slowing down any time soon.

There’s a lot of extremely passionate people here who are willing to spend a lot of money.

This is because it revolves around life-or-death scenarios (as the name implies).

It can be the fear of an imminent government crackdown, a future war, a natural disaster, major resource depletion — what have you.

There are many concerned people here who want to acquire potentially life-saving skills, information, or items.

There’s also a wealth of sub-niches to choose from, such as:

  • Conspiracies
  • Wilderness survival
  • Homesteading
  • Weapons
  • Self-sufficient energy production

Clickbank Overview

What I really like about the survival niche on Clickbank is the wide variety of offers you can promote.

Among the top products, you’ll find:

  • Books
  • Video courses
  • Gadgets
  • Tools
  • Specialized clothing
  • Backpacking equipment

And more.

Like the relationships niche, there are a bunch of recurring payment offers available here.

It seems like they’re quite popular among the customers as well.

Just check these sweet “average rebill totals”:

Imagine if you could sell a few dozen of those bad boys.

If you have access to an audience related to passionate politics, conspiracies, outdoorsman stuff, or just straight up prepping, this niche can be amazingly fruitful.

4. Remedies

For our number 4 we’re headed straight back to the enormous health and fitness market.

Even though it’s not as much talked about in the open, the remedies niche is extremely profitable.

It’s more or less up there with weight loss in terms of popularity.

And there’s a good reason for that:

Vendors offering remedies often target some of the biggest pain points you can think of.

We’re talking:

  • Diabetes
  • Vertigo
  • Heartburn
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • High blood pressure

You get the idea.

These are conditions that many people have struggled with for years (if not decades) and can’t wait to get rid of.

Often times, people seek out these types of products right after they’ve hit a wall of pain — meaning they’re desperate to get some relief.

For this reason, I feel it’s especially important not to promote something with too many lofty promises.

But, just to be clear, that’s strictly personal.

As long as it’s within the law, people are allowed to sell it, and you are free to promote it as an affiliate.

If you’re like me, though, be a bit more careful when picking a product in this niche.

Once you do find something good, though, the earning potential is through the roof.

Clickbank Overview

The two top-selling products in this niche have to do with diabetes.

Both of them use the absolute killer combo of emotional video + scientific references on their sales pages.

Not all products can use this combo effectively, but those that do usually sell really well in this market.

At the time of this writing, the number one offer, Diabetes Freedom, has a monstrous 306.94 gravity on Clickbank.

If you want to go for something else, you’ve got vertigo, heartburn, and gout remedies in the 60-70 range.

All of the top 10 products have average earnings ranging from $30 to $40 per sale.

5. Foreign Exchange

This is a niche I have some limited but very positive experience with.

You may notice that the products in this niche have much lower gravity than the others we’ve looked at so far.

This is mainly because of two factors:

The first is, obviously, lower demand — the group of people looking for weight loss advice, for example, is much larger than the one interested in currency trading.

The second reason is due to the subject matter’s technical nature.

For most, it’s much harder to write good content and copy about swing trading or spotting the right forex trends.

If you have some experience in the field, however, or you’re willing to carefully study it, this niche can be an absolute goldmine.

For this reason, I include it here, even though the average gravity is lower than I’d normally prefer.

Clickbank Overview

The profitability of this Clickbank niche immediately becomes clear when you sort by gravity.

Among the top results, you have plenty of products with $100+ average sales — including one with a staggering $1,694.

The latter may be hard to market effectively, but nonetheless, the opportunity is there.

Also, 6 out of 10 of the offers give you the chance to get recurring commissions.

All in all, if you can master its technical nature, this niche has a ton of earning potential.

Due to its higher barrier of entry, it’s also much less volatile than the other ones we’ve gone through so far.

6. Alternative Energy

This is a fantastic niche that’s often overlooked and underestimated by new affiliate marketers.

Alternative energy is big with three groups in particular:

  • Environmentalists
  • Survivalists/preppers
  • And people who want to save money on their power bill

There are many passionate people here who are ready to pay fast cash for a long-term, sustainable solution.

Since there’s potentially a lot of money to be saved, it’s not that hard to rationalize a one-time payment.

If the product is of decent quality, it can easily be presented as an obvious investment.

Clickbank Overview

On Clickbank, the alternative energy niche is pretty much all solar.

From panels, generators, mobile charging stations, and high-end reusable batteries — there are many options to choose from.

The top 5 products all have great gravity scores, typically ranging from 20-100.

Also, all of them give decent commissions — average sales are typically between $40-$50.

Since the need for energy is pretty much universal, you can market these products to many different people.

Still, you’ll likely find the most success among the 3 aforementioned groups, as they tend to be the most dedicated.

7. Dietary Supplements

Once again, we’re headed back to the health and fitness market for another big hitter.

This one is closely related to the weight loss niche.

That’s no surprise when you consider the classic “diet pill” phenomenon.

Most people more or less know what they have to do to shed their belly fat.

However, many are still insistent upon searching for that one secret trick that will do the work for them.

The demand for a special pill or powder to cure this or that health issue is still going strong.

And as we know, where there’s a big demand, there’s usually big money to be made.

Clickbank Overview

As mentioned, the best-selling dietary supplements usually revolve around weight loss, and on Clickbank it’s no different.

All of the top 3 offers have something to do with shedding unwanted body fat.

You may wonder if diet pills still sell these days.

Well, the numbers speak for themselves, really.

As of this writing, 3 of the 5 products with the highest gravity on Clickbank are all weight loss supplements.

The number one, Resurge, has an astounding gravity score of over 800.

Of course, this means that a lot of people are running ads and such to this offer, so competition will be steep.

However, that gives you an idea of the huge demand that’s out there.

Even if you can carve out just a small portion of this market for yourself, you will be raking in some serious dough.


And there you go — the 7 best Clickbank niches.

Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate affiliate, this list gives you plenty to sink your teeth into.

Take your time to study the different markets — learn their hopes and fears, as well as their lingo and sensitivities.

If you can do that well, there’s a ton of money waiting to be made.

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