How To Create Bundles For Kindle & ACX (DOUBLE Your Income)

How To Create Bundles For Kindle & ACX - DOUBLE Your Publishing Profits

In the Kindle publishing business guide, which can be found here, I showed you how to create ebooks, paperbacks, and audiobooks out of your manuscripts.

As mentioned in the kindle publishing guide, making use of all 3 book formats is a vital part of running a successful publishing business on Amazon.

This is because it greatly increases your profit margins, despite being quite simple to do.

In this post, we’ll discuss another strategy you can use to boost your income even further.

What am I talking about?

One word:


By bundling some of your existing books together, you can potentially DOUBLE your publishing profits — with very few added costs!

Here’s how to create bundles for kindle and ACX.

what books to bundle for kindle

What To Bundle

Before we go into how to create ebook, paperback, and audio bundles, let’s quickly go over what types of books you should package together.

There are two ways to go about it:

1. Creating a series of books and bundling them together.


  • Book 1: Python Programming Basics Guide
  • Book 2: Python Programming Intermediate Guide
  • Book 3: Python Programming Advanced Guide

2. Bundling books that are not part of a direct series, but which are closely related.


  • Book 1: Python Programming For Beginners
  • Book 2: Java Programming For Beginners
  • Book 3: C++ Programming For Beginners.

Both ways can work well.

However, the first option, bundling a series, will most often yield the best results.

how to create book bundles for kindle

Book Combinations

When it comes to ebooks and paperbacks, you’re allowed to publish as many bundle combinations you want.

For example, if you have 3 books, you can publish a bundle of book 1 and 2, plus one containing book 1, 2 and 3 (as well as whatever other combinations you’d like).

For audio books, however, this is not permitted.

Besides individual releases, ACX only lets you include an audiobook in a single bundle.

With this in mind, it’s best to only publish the largest bundles via ACX, and skip the 2-in-1’s you may have on KDP.

The larger bundles typically sell better on Audible, (subscribers get more value out of their credits) and you earn a higher royalty from them.

how to create bundles for kindle and acx

How To Create Ebook Bundles For Kindle

To make a bundle out of your existing ebooks, start by creating a new document file in Word (or another word processor).

Copy-paste the content of each ebook you want to include into the new document, one after the other, in the correct order.

Make sure the fonts, sizing and colors of the different texts more or less match each other.

Next, you’ll want to remove any redundant parts.

For example, if you have an identical copyright disclaimer at the beginning of each of the ebooks, you’ll want to remove all but one of these.

Also, make sure to place it at the beginning of the bundle.

Tables Of Content

Regarding the tables of content, these can be left as they are (provided they’re functioning properly).

However, you’ll need to add a new one in the very beginning of the bundle as well.

This new ToC should only list the various books you’ve included in the collection.

Such an index is required by KDP, since it will act as a main table of contents for the reader — giving quick access to each of the books.

The Title

how to create titles for kindle

Now, you need to come up with a fitting title for your book bundle.

You should be strategic with this, since it will impact what keywords you can potentially rank for and how your cover will look.

So, the title needs to include:

  1. A main targeted keyword in the beginning
  2. An indication that it’s a bundle
  3. Info on what the bundle contains.

Here are two titles based on the previous bundle examples:

Python Programming series bundle:

Python Programming: 3 Books In 1 – Basics, Intermediate & Advanced Guides

General programming bundle:

Programming Guides: 3 Books In 1 – Python For Beginners, Java For Beginners, C++ For Beginners.

Cover Creation

When it comes to ebook bundles, you can choose between two types of covers.

The first is a collection-style cover, most often in the form of a box set.

The second type is a normal ebook cover, but with all the included books listed on it.

If you want a box set cover for your bundle, this can be easily ordered from certain Fiverr gigs, such as this one.

Should you opt for a normal one, you can simply order it from your regular ebook cover designer.


When it comes to pricing ebook bundles, I’ve found that I make the most money if I make it a “3 for the price of 2”-type of deal.

The customers will then have a clear incentive to buy the bundle, instead of getting each of the ebooks individually at full price.

So, if I have 3 ebooks to bundle, and they cost $2.99 each, I’d price the bundle at $5.99.

This strategy has worked really well for me.

In fact, one of my all-time best-sellers with KDP is a 3-book bundle at exactly this price point.

Once you’ve got your new title, document, cover, and pricing ready to go, you can proceed by adding the bundle to your KDP account, precisely as you would with a regular ebook.

Just keep in mind to change up the categories, keywords, and book description as necessary before publishing.

how to create paperback book bundles

How To Create Paperback Bundles

To create a paperback bundle, start off by doing the same as you did with the ebook version.

Create a new document file and copy-paste the manuscripts in place, one after the other.

Like with the ebook version, be sure to remove any redundant parts (extra copyright disclaimers, for example) and make the font and colors match.

ToC Changes

Ebooks don’t need numbered pages, and the tables of content can contain clickable links that takes the reader immediately to certain chapters.

Obviously, a physical book does not have these features, so the tables of content need to be crafted a bit differently.

The paperback bundle should have the same number of ToCs as the digital version;

One main index in the beginning which lists all the books included, plus ToCs for each of the books, placed at the beginning of the various manuscripts.

Since paperbacks need numbered pages, these ToCs all need to be marked correctly.

If you’re using Microsoft Word or similar software, you can easily update the page numbers after you’re done with the book formatting.

Just remember to double check them in the online previewer on KDP before publishing the book bundle to Amazon.

Image Quality

It’s normal to use smaller-resolution images in ebooks in order to save some storage space.

This slightly increases the profit margins, since Amazon will claim a bigger cut from your sales if the file size is too big.

However, for physical books, this obviously doesn’t apply.

Furthermore, low-resolution images that look fine in digital format will more often than not look blurry when printed on paper.

So, if you choose to include images in your books (which is recommended), make sure that the printed versions contain the highest-quality versions of them you can find.

Paperback Bundle Book Cover

Another thing you need to change about the paperback version is the cover.

If you went with option 1 (the collection or box set image) for the ebook bundle, you’ll need to order a new cover for the physical version.

However, if you went with option 2 (a regular cover with the included manuscripts listed on it), you only need to convert it to a paperback format.

This can be achieved with a quick and cheap Fiverr gig, such as this one.

The Best Price Point For Paperback Bundles

When it comes to pricing your paperback bundle, you need to approach it a bit differently than with the ebook version.

This is because paperbacks should already be priced higher (as discussed in the Kindle publishing business guide).

So, doing the 3 for 2 deal, where each book costs around $13-14, would put the price between $26 -$28.

This is simply too steep for most people.

After doing some experimenting, I’ve found that a general rule of thumb for paperback bundles is to add an extra $4 to the price for each book included.

In other words, begin with the regular price of a standard paperback book ($13-14), and then increase it to around $17 if it’s a 2-in-1, $21 if it’s 3-in-1, and so on.

That being said, you may be able to get away with a higher price.

It will depend on variables like cover quality, reviews, and niche — don’t be afraid to do some experimenting yourself.

When you’re done with the formatting, ToCs, images, the cover, and you’ve decided on an initial price point, you can go ahead and publish your paperback book bundle via KDP.

how to create audiobook bundles

How To Create Audiobook Bundles On ACX

Now that we’re done with the texts, we can start creating the audio version of the book bundle.

Assuming you’ve already published audio versions of each of the included books, there are only a few things you need to do.

Opening And Closing Credits

In order for your bundle to be approved for distribution, it needs to have proper opening and closing credits.

This will be a DIY project made using existing audio files from books you’ve already published.

Because of this, you won’t be working with a narrator on ACX like you normally would.

So, you’ll have to get these credits recorded outside of the usual production process.

I recommend either:

  1. Arranging something over email with a narrator you’ve worked with previously.
  2. Paying for a simple Fiverr voice over gig that’s not too costly, like one of these.

Either way, it shouldn’t cost you more than $10.

Whatever you choose, here are the lines you need to get recorded:

Opening credits:

“(Full title & subtitle of bundle).

Written by (your name or penname).

Narrated by (names of the narrator/narrators).”

Closing credits:

“This has been (Full title & subtitle of bundle).

Written by (your name or penname)

Narrated by (names of the narrator/narrators).

Copyright (current year) by (name, penname, or company name).

Production copyright by (name, penname, or company name).”

Remember that the completed audio files must adhere to the ACX guidelines, which are listed at the bottom of this page.


If you chose the second option for the ebook cover, you can use it for the audio version as well.

However, since ACX requires covers to be 2400 x 2400 pixels, you need to alter it a bit.

If you’re willing to pay for it, you can ask your original cover designer for a custom order to tailor it for ACX.

Should you want to skip this part, however, you can always resize your existing cover.

This can be easily done by using an image editor, like Photoshop or a free online software like this.

Be warned, though, that (depending on the sizing of the different elements) this method can result in a lower-quality cover with a somewhat stretched look.

Audiobook Content

One you’ve got your new credits and the cover image ready, it’s time to put together your audio book bundle.

To begin, go to ACX and look for the published text version of your bundle — either through the search function on the homepage, “assert more titles”, or “add your title”.

When you’ve found it, click “This is my book”, and choose “I already have the audio files for this book”.

After you’ve entered all the correct details, and your project has been started, you can begin putting together the audio files in the “produce audiobook” tab.

how to download audio files from acx

Fetching The Audio Files

First, you’ll want to insert the opening credit for the bundle, which you had made earlier.

Then, you simply insert the audio files for all the books included in the bundle.

These can be fetched from your ACX account.

To find them, go to “project” > “completed projects” > click the audiobook > “produce audiobook”.

I recommend that you download the files for each book in separate folders, to keep order.

Putting It Together

When you’re done downloading, upload them one by one to your bundle project on ACX.

Remember to include the opening and closing credit for each individual book as well.

In the end, your audio files should be in the right order.

When you’ve double checked that the placements are correct, submit your audiobook for review.

Now, you simply have to wait for it to be approved by the ACX staff.

Once your bundle is available on Audible, Itunes etc., you can promote it with the ACX promo codes as you normally would.

self publishing for beginners

All Bundled Up!

And there you have it — now you know how to make ebook, paperback, and audiobook bundles!

As you can see, there are very few additional costs involved.

You’re basically leveraging your existing books to increase your income even further.

Depending on the quality, keywords, and niches of your books, your bundles can potentially become the most profitable assets in your publishing business.

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