10 Easy Freelance Jobs For Beginners (Simple Fiverr Gigs)

simple ways to make money online

If you’re looking to make some good money on the side, the web is where you’ll want to be.

Graphic designers, copywriters, coders, marketers — these are just some of the professions that are thriving online.

However, these jobs also take a lot of time to do — not to mention the months or years required to hone the skill sets you need in the first place.

What if you’re just looking to make some extra money on the side?

Can you actually earn some decent income online with little to no skills?…


All you need is an internet connection and a “go-get” attitude.

In this article, we’ve compiled 10 examples of easy freelance jobs for beginners that are found on Fiverr.com.

Fiverr is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell a huge variety of services.

The minimum price of a service is (you guessed it) $5.

However, the prices can reach $25, $50 or even $100+ for high-profile services.

Easy Entry

All of the work listed here can be done with little to no experience, and minimal time investment. You can start today if you’d like!

Keep in mind, though, that you’ll have to build up your Fiverr profile with reviews before you start getting a steady amount of work (how many you’ll need depends on the niche of your product).

Still, even as a complete beginner you can get some orders here and there.

Also, because of the general low cost of the gigs, repeat buyers is very common on Fiverr.

Just treat your customers with great care, and you’ll be swimming in plenty of 5-star reviews eventually.

What To Expect

Before we start, a quick disclaimer:

No, you won’t become a millionaire by doing this.

However, if you complete a solid number of orders, you could be generating hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each month.

Not too shabby for a side hustle, huh?

Naturally, if you’re really dedicated, you could potentially make a livable income from it — plenty of people already have.

Alright, with that being said, let’s go through the list, shall we?

proofreading jobs

1. Proofreading

Do you have a decent grasp of the English language?

If so, you can sell your services as a proofreader.

It’s common for writers to grind away day and night, typing for hours on end.

When it finally comes time to polish the text and make sure the grammar is on point, they’re usually exhausted.

They would rather leave the fine-tuning to someone else.

On top of that, when they’re deep in their own writing, it’s easy to miss the small errors they make along the way.

This is especially true if they’re not native English speakers.


This is where you can help them.

For a small price, the writer hands over their work to you.

Then, simply put on some relaxing background music, pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage, and just read and correct, read and correct.

That’s it.

Of course, if you’re well versed in literature and language, that’s a huge boon.

But, even if you’re not exactly the scholarly type, you can still easily complete proofreading assignments (as long as you don’t bite off more than you can chew).

Just copy-past the text into a program that can auto-detect grammar mistakes (such as Grammarly).

how to make easy money on the internet

Also, be sure to keep Thesaurus open in another tab for the trickiest sentences.

On Fiverr, the average price for proofreading alone is about $5 per 1000 words.

Once you get more efficient at it, you can see how easily you could make $50 + each day by just doing this

digital mockups

2. Mockups

If you have basic image editing skills, you can do this one with ease.


You don’t have to be an experienced graphic designer.

All you have to do is to digitally attach a logo or image onto, or into, an object in another image.

This will most often involve putting a logo on a t-shirt, or a screenshot of an app or a website onto various devices.

There’s really not much more to it.

  1. The client gives you the image they want you to insert.
  2. Next, you open up a stock photo in an image editor, such as Photoshop.
  3. Then, you adjust the angles, edges and lighting of the client’s image so it looks like it belongs in the photo.


mockups gig

You just made $5 (or more).

Does this type of service actually sell, though?

Yes, it does, actually (just check the image on the right — 110 customer reviews!).

Could you bang out 10 of these orders in a day?

Of course you could — probably in the span of a couple of hours if you wanted to.

file conversion jobs

3. File Conversion

There are tons of talented and creative people doing the majority of their work digitally these days.

However, that doesn’t automatically mean their technical skills are good (or even above average).

file conversion job

Many just want to get their creative work done, and not worry about the annoying details of file size, compatibility, formats, and so on.

When it comes to small, but potentially confusing, tasks such as converting a file type into another, these people look to sites like Fiverr for a quick fix.

To those of us who know how to do this, it may seem like a waste of money.

However, dropping 5-10 bucks on a Fiverr gig to avoid fretting about the technical stuff seems like a nice deal to many.

So, what does this job entail, exactly?

Well, depending on the file type that needs to be converted, this could potentially be as easy as dragging and dropping a file onto a free browser software!

See this pdf conversion tool, for example.

In other cases, you might need to download a program to do it properly.

Either way, this job doesn’t exactly rob you of your time or energy.

Some easy profit to be made here, and a large chance of repeat buyers that need a bunch of files converted.

comment for money

4. Blog Comments

Website owners see engagement level as one of the key positive metrics when looking over their analytics.

Depending on the niche, helpful and insightful blog comments can be very important to a site’s growth and overall reader retention.

blog commenrs job

This is because high quality comments build both social proof and a sense of community.

However, the bitter truth is that the vast majority of visitors never chime in on a video or article, even if they enjoyed it and found it helpful.

Of course, the big boys with hundreds of thousands of pageviews each month will get some action.

But, what about the small-time blog authors?

What should they do?

Well, unless they want to wait around for the organic traffic to spike (which will take months, even with the right keywords), they’ll have to set things in motion themselves.

They do this by visiting freelance sites like Fiverr, and ordering gigs like this:

blog commenting jobs

Could you do this? I bet you could.

As long as you make sure the comments you leave are relevant and well written, you’re good to go.

As you can see from the image above, you can easily make package deals for this service as well.

translation jobs

5. Translation


But learning a language takes lots of time and effort, right?

Yes, it normally does, but that’s not the case for everyone.

Are your parents from different countries of origin?

Did you learn more than one language growing up?

If so, you’re basically automatically qualified for this type of job.


Price your services low in the beginning, and it should be easy to get your foot in the door.

Once you’ve leveled your seller account, this gig can actually generate a pretty decent income after a while (see the following image).

translation prices

If you’re lucky enough to be fluent in two or more major languages, such as English and French, for example, there’s a lot of demand for you to tap into.

voiceover work online

6. Voiceovers

This is one of the most sought-after services on Fiverr, and has been for many years.

voice over jobs online

20 years ago, you might have needed to pay a lot to get a hold of quality sound equipment.

Today, however, anyone with $150 saved up can grab a decent mic like the Blue Yeti, attach a simple pop filter, and then get to work.

Yes, there’s a lot of competition in the voiceover category.

Still, there’s such a constant high demand that it doesn’t take much to start getting orders.

In fact, there’s such a huge interest in voiceovers that Fiverr gives you additional options if you just type “voiceover” into the search bar.

Like I mentioned earlier, just price your gig low in the beginning to get the ball rolling.

With some consistency, you’ll be growing your business fast.

There’s also a lot of “niching down” you can do, such as offering voiceovers in different languages and tones.

Even if your voice isn’t exactly prime time radio material, you can still improve along the way.

Unless you have serious speech impediments, it’s definitely worth considering.

social media jobs

7. Social Media Management

social media management

Do you spend a bit more time on social media than you’d like to admit?

Do you know the ins and outs of your favorite platform a little too well?

If so, this one’s for you.

Bloggers, artists and small businesses don’t always have the time to run and manage all their communication channels.

Still, they know they simply cannot afford to neglect social media in today’s online environment.

This is where YOU come in. You can take the weight of their shoulders by managing their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other platforms they are using.

The work usually involves posting articles and videos to a page, responding to comments, and generally representing the brand of your customer.

Who would have thought spending hours scrolling through your feeds could actually turn into a money-making opportunity?

your message jobs

8. “Your Message On”

your message on fiverr

These gigs come in all sorts of different forms and levels of complexity.

They basically involve showing a logo, message or image in a video or photograph.

Examples include holding up a sign, drawing a company logo in the sand, or having a group of people shout out a catchphrase.

If you browse through this category, you’ll quickly realize that it’s closely related to female modeling.

And, yes, it’s generally much easier to sell these kinds of services if you’re an attractive girl — that should be obvious.

However, if you’re not, there are many ways you can get creative with it (see image below), and still receive some attention from buyers.


Once you have a template that works, this is very easy to replicate.

It doesn’t take much time or energy to squeeze out a few of these a day.

keyword research jobs

9. Keyword Research

Youtube videos, blog posts, product listings — to get them ranking in search engines, we need the right keywords.

Many skilled creators are able to pump out awesome, high-quality content on a regular basis.

Still, nobody’s actually going to consume that content if they don’t find it in the first place.

A lot of content creators know about the importance of SEO, but they have absolutely no idea where to start.

This is where you come in.

Now, you might be thinking this sounds a lot more complicated than the previous gigs listed here.


And on the surface level, sure, it is. But there’s a simple process you can use in order to deliver useful keyword analysis.

If you use a keyword researching tool such as KWfinder, you can effectively sell the software’s findings to your customers as a middleman.

You can give them a list of keywords that have the best competition-to-volume rankings, and you can even supply the detailed stats of your searches!

Of course, a rudimentary understanding of SEO helps greatly, especially when you’re messaging back and forth with clients.

At the end of the day, though, you don’t have to be a grizzled search engine veteran to do this effectively.

easy seo jobs

10. SEO Report

Sometimes, finding good keywords just isn’t enough.

Many website owners want a detailed analysis of their websites’ optimization, as well as how they rank compared to their competitors.

This gig usually pays quite well, because there’s a lot of money at stake for business owners when it comes to SEO.

seo jobs

While all of this may sound intimidating, the same concept applies here as with the keyword research:

Become the middleman.

In this case, simply get yourself a solid SEO analysis tool that generates full reports, such as Ahrefs, and sell the data to your customer!

Why don’t they just do it themselves, though, and save money?

Well, SEO can seem like a scary minefield to the regular business owner, who’s more concerned with sales and marketing than anything else.

Unless they have someone consulting them about this, the chances that they’ll know about these tools are slim to none.

Embrace the role of the middleman, and you can make some really good money by more or less copy-pasting the results you get from software like Ahrefs.

how to make easy money online

Let The Earning Commence!

So, now you know how to make easy money on the internet with Fiverr gigs.

As you can see, these jobs require little to no training, and you won’t be endlessly grinding away, either.

Again, it’s important to remember that you’ll need a decent amount of reviews on your offers before you get a steady flow of orders.

Still, you can potentially begin earning some extra bucks right away.

A good tip is to offer more than one of these gigs at a time.

That way, you’ll get your first order much quicker (a great motivational boost), and you’ll have an easier time “leveling up” your seller account.

Now that you’ve read through the whole list, there’s no reason to wait around — there’s money to be made!

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