The 32 Best Sites To Get Free Images For Your Blog

best sites to get free stock images for your blog

So, you’ve set up a blog of your very own blog, and now you want to add some high-quality images to your content.

Well, you definitely should!

Just consider the fact that articles with images get 94% more views on average than those without.

It’s an easy way to keep your content lively and interesting for your visitors — nobody enjoys reading through a giant wall of plain text.

However, if you’re just starting out, it can be kind of scary to deal with image licenses and terms of use.

It’s not uncommon to hear about site owners getting fined hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for copyright infringement.

For a big business, this would be an unfortunate added cost.

For a small business, like a startup blog for example, this could mean the end.

Pro tip:

NEVER use a photo you found in a Google search.

ALWAYS verify the license of a photo before using it.

Where To Find Legal Images For Your Website

Okay, with that out of the way, where do you find high-quality images for your blog that won’t get you sued?

One way is of course to get licensed, royalty-free downloads from legitimate stock photo sites, such as iStock or Shutterstock.

Still, even if you have the money for a subscription, you likely won’t be able to meet the needs of your blog.

Here’s why:

The affordable subscriptions usually come with a download limit of 10-20 files each month — if you need more than that, you’ll have to pay up big time.

Because of this, most of us will need to supplement with some free images to avoid blowing our budget.

More Than Enough, If You Know Where To Look

Thankfully, these days there are plenty of free stock photo sites you can choose from — you just have to know where to find them.

In other words:

Don’t worry!

You’ll still be able to fill your blog with eye-catching visuals, completely free of charge.

In this post, we’ll go through the 32 best sites to get free images for your blog.

With this list in hand, you’ll have no excuse to keep your blog looking colorless and dull.

Be sure to bookmark your favorites!


1. Pixabay

One of the most popular free stock photo sites on the internet.

Pixabay is one of the few on this list that has illustrations and vector graphics as well.

A small percentage can only be used for editorial purposes, since they include trademarked elements, like Mickey Mouse (this goes for all stock photo sites).

If that’s the case, you’ll see a red line of “editorial use only” above the download button.

Still, the vast majority of images are completely free to use for commercial purposes, with no attribution required (though always appreciated).

best sites to get free images for your blog

2. Unsplash

Unsplash has a gigantic library of over 550 000 photographs.

I’ve found that it’s a particularly good resource for finding pictures that don’t look like your typical, studio-made stock photos, but still look professional.

All images are free to use with no attribution requirement.

good stock photos

3. Good Stock Photos

Over 1000 photographs to choose from, and one more is added each day.

It’s definitely a smaller selection that the previous two mentions.

However, all the photos are shot by the site owner himself, so you’ll more than likely discover images you won’t find on other sites.

All of them are free for commercial use with no attribution required.

4. Free Food Photos

Need a picture of a savory meal, or a particular fruit?

Free Food Photos deliver exactly what their name suggests.

It’s obviously a great resource if you own a food-related blog.

Note that their terms of use include attribution, so be sure to add it correctly when using their images (details can be found here).

best sites for free blog images

5. Stock Snap

Hundreds of new free stock photos are added every single week.

They have a nifty category page where you can sort through the most popular photos based on different tags.

Photos are free to download and use for commercial purposes, with no attribution required.

Burst stock photo

6. Burst

A collection of stock photos made available by the Shopify team.

The idea behind the site is to help startups create visually-appealing websites, products and marketing campaigns without breaking the bank.

Because of this, you’ll find a lot of photos themed around popular ecommerce niches, such as jewelry and headphones.

Some images are licensed under Shopify’s own Burst license, while others come with Creative Commons CC0 (check the “License” field under the download button of each photo).

None of these require attribution.

best free stock photo sites

7. Gratisography

Lots of unique and artistic imagery to choose from, courtesy of Ryan McGuire.

All images are high-res and free to use without attribution.

New ones are added on a weekly basis.

mmt stock

8. MMT Stock

Over 600 stock photographs (and a few videos) shot by Jeffrey Betts.

Most of the photos are of workspaces, cityscapes or scenes from nature.

As with most other sites on this list, all images on MMT Stock are filed under the Creative Commons CC0 license (public domain).

free travel photos

9. Travel Coffee Book

Sadly, this site is no longer being updated.

However, it’s still a nice collection of down-to-earth travel photos from all around the globe.

All images are free to use as you please, with no attribution required.

best sites to get free images for your blog

10. Pic Jumbo

A free resource filled with tons of beautiful photographs, ranging from panoramic landscapes to more personal, everyday scenes.

All photos are taken by photographer and online entrepreneur, Viktor Hanacek, the site owner.

All of the pictures found here are free to use, but he also offers a premium service if you want some exclusive singles and collections.

On a personal note, I have to say that I really like Viktor’s style, both in regards to this photography and his website design — A+!

free jpg website

11. Free JPG

A collection of over 11 000 free images you can choose from.

Licenses vary between Basic, CC0 and CC BY 2.0 — of which only the latter requires attribution.

free images

12. Free Images

Almost 400 000 free photos, vectors and illustrations you can use for your blog.

The usage rights vary quite a bit, though.

Because of this, be sure to check the license of each individual photo before you publish it on your website.

Licensing details can be found in the sidebar of each photo’s page.

A free account is required to download the images.

best sites to get free images for your blog

13. Jay Mantri

A resource of mostly minimalistic landscape shots made available for free by photographer and designer Jay Mantri.

All of the photographs are free to use with no attribution required.

free food stock photos

14. Foodies Feed

More food photos you can use if you have a blog in a related niche.

Compared to Free Food Photos, Foodies Feed has more images of prepared meals than whole foods.

All photographs are free to use with no attribution required.

free stocks

15. Free Stocks

A smaller selection, but with a lot of unique images you won’t find elsewhere.

All of the pictures are free to use without requiring attribution.

picography stock

16. Picography

A smaller collection of about 230 photographs.

All are licensed under CC0.

magdeleine stock images

17. Magdeleine

A site with a nice, varied selection from a wide range of different photographers.

All of the photos are handpicked by the site owners.

Some of the photos require attribution, while others don’t.

If you want, you can easily filter images by license in the sidebar.

best sites to get free stock images for blog

18. Pexels

This is one of my go-to sites when I need to supplement my paid stock photo subscriptions.

Pexels has a huge selection of high-resolution, professional stock photos in a wide range of categories.

They also have a helpful resizing option you can use when downloading images, in case you want them in specific dimensions.

All of the photos are free to use for commercial purposes, with no attribution required.

negative space stock photos

19. Negative Space

The name of this site is a nod to one of the most important photography techniques (a great explanation, plus examples, can be found here).

Considering the website’s name, it’s no surprise that negative space is used in many of its submissions.

However, there’s a large selection of other types of photographs, as well.

Every image found there is licensed under CC0.

life of pix

20. Life of Pix

A large collection of images that have been donated to the public domain by amateur and professional photographers.

Each week, one of the generous photographers are highlighted on the front page for 7 days, with a link to their work and social media profiles.

death to the stock photo

21. Death to the Stock Photo

A free image site with a mission.

DTTSP delivers free sets of high-resolution photos to your inbox every month.

They also have a premium service available if you want direct access to a wider selection.

All of the images come with the site’s own license.


22. Kaboom Pics

A stylish site with a lot of high-quality images that wouldn’t look out of place at Shutterstock or another paid service.

The “photoshoot” section is really handy if you’re looking for different angles of a particular scene.

Images are free to use without attribution, also for commercial projects, as long as you don’t sell them as they are.


23. Skitterphoto

A collection of pictures snapped by the site owners — photographers Rudy and Peter from the Netherlands.

All of the photos can be used commercially with no attribution required.

free vintage stock photos

24. New Old Stock

Lots of old-timey, public domain photos that are curated from Flickr by the site creator.

There are many beautiful, black-and-white vintage shots to choose from here.

All of them are supposed to be in the public domain.

However, the site owner recommends checking the usage rights of each pic before downloading, just to be safe.

styled stock

25. Styled Stock

Looking for some elegant photos with an orderly look?

If so, Styled Stock got you covered.

As it says on their frontpage, they have a wide selection of stylish, feminine stock photos to choose from — free to use with no attribution required.

public domain archive

26. Public Domain Archive

As the name implies, this site has a variety of public domain (CC0) photos to choose from.

New images are added weekly.

free nature stock photos

27. Free Nature Stock

As you can probably guess, this site is full of free, nature-related stock photos.

One new picture is added every single day, and all of them are free to use under the CC0 license.

free startup stock photos

28. Startup Stock Photos

Another free image site centered around a particular niche — this time, startups.

Could be very useful if you’re doing B2b marketing/content creation centered around small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Images are made available under the CC0 license.

photopin example
photo credit: Markus Trienke Sunset over Sandend Bay via photopin (license)

29. PhotoPin

This is a search engine you can use to find Creative Commons images on Flickr.

Most photos on Flickr need attribution, but PhotoPin makes this really easy for you:

Whenever you click “Get photo”, you’ll see a HTML code underneath it.

Simply copy-paste the code to your blog and you’re done — credit given, all is well (look at the image above for an example).

If you can deal with that, PhotoPin gives you access to a huge collection of stunning stock photos through a simple search engine —

very convenient indeed.

rgb stock

30. RGB Stock

Over 100 000 free images to choose from, including vectors and art illustrations.

All of them are free to use for commercial purposes, but a few restrictions apply (see license).

You’ll have to create a free RGB Stock account to download the images.

dreamstime free

31. Dreamstime (Free Section)

Dreamstime is primarily a website for royalty-free, paid stock photos (in addition to video and audio), but they also have a free section you can check out.

Licensing may vary between images (check above the download buttons), but most are free to use with no attribution required.

free icon finder

32. Icon Finder

A search engine you can use to find tons of stylish icons, paid and free.

To find the free ones, simply filter for price and license type in the left-hand sidebar.

Since it’s a search engine, licensing varies wildly, so be sure to check each individual image before adding them to your site.

That’s A Wrap!

And there you have it — the 32 best sites to get free images for your blog.

Some require attribution, but most of them don’t.

Remember that blogging fact we talked about earlier?

Articles with images get 94% more views on average than those without.

With this list in hand, there’s no excuse to leave your content dull and colorless.

Even if you can’t afford to buy stock photos, there’s enough free ones on these sites to keep your blog looking nice and lively.

Again, make sure to bookmark your favorites!

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