8 Lucrative High-Ticket Affiliate Programs (2021)

Lucrative High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Are you put off by the measly commissions of Amazon’s affiliate program?

Want to promote something that will actually reward you for the work you put in?

Well, in this article, we’ll go through 8 lucrative high-ticket affiliate programs you should consider joining.

When I say high-ticket, I’m talking at least 100 bucks commission for a single sale – that’s the absolute minimum.

If you invest your energy into promoting high-ticket offers, you’ll have the potential to really change your life relatively quickly.

Why High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Is Better

Before we get into the affiliate programs, you should know about the value of high-ticket offers and why that’s where you should focus most of your energy.

You see, I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for many years now.

I started, like most do, by following the kind of cookie-cutter information you see out there even today.

You know, the “Clickbank tutorials for beginners”, so-called “FREE and EASY strategies to earn 200 bucks a day!!!” — all of that cliché stuff.

Sure, some of it works if you really apply yourself, but you hit a ceiling pretty quickly.

For me, the life changing results only came after I stepped away from the crowd.

When I finally took my writing and marketing to the next level, and elevated my money mindset overall.

That was when I got the right amount of juice out my squeeze, so to speak.

The High-Ticket Secret

Earlier on, I’d get a bunch of $5, $10, and maybe $20 payments here and there that added up to a handful of hundreds each month — if I was lucky.

Nowadays, I get $400, $600, and even $1000 individual payments from a much smaller, more carefully selected range of affiliate programs.

But how did I get to this point?

Well, want to know a secret that the big boys know, that the masses don’t?

It doesn’t take that much more effort to sell high-ticket offers than low-ticket ones.

Yes, you’ll have to adjust your content and marketing a bit, but here’s the reality of it:

If you’re smart enough to put together a website with high-quality content, you’re smart enough to learn next-level marketing as well.

It’s all about your mindset and confidence.

Assume your new role as a next level marketer and stick with it.

Your New & Improved Game Plan

Going forward, ignore content that talk about fast, free and easy Clickbank methods or how to build those dime-a-dozen Amazon affiliate sites.

Raise your standards and your results will follow.

With online marketing, it’s all about the margins — that’s how you break into the next level.

Here’s the bottom line:

You don’t want to earn a moderate sum of money from a lot of traffic, which is what most people are teaching.

That’s an extremely slow and painful way to do things.

No, instead you want to make a lot of money from a moderate amount of traffic.

So, elevate your marketing, focus on what matters the most and optimize your monetization strategies.

That’s how you get to the next level, where the big bucks are made.

Now, with that being said, let’s look at 8 lucrative high-ticket affiliate programs that can help you with just that.

1. Capitalist Exploits

This is an online newsletter run by a group of experienced investors. On their website they have a free-to-read blog and a once-a-week email newsletter.

However, once they get people inside, they offer them different premium-priced products and services, ranging from $1500 all the way up to $3500.

And the good news?

They have an affiliate program with a standard 50% commission rate.

On top of that, they also have a year-long cookie duration.

That’s right — not 7 days, not 30 days, but 365 days of potentially being credited with a sale.

This means:

If you send a person to Capitalist Exploits, and they buy something there within one year, you’ve made at least $750 from that one buyer.

Now imagine if you’re running a popular, respected, well-marketed financial website and you manage to get just a handful of commission a month.

A very nice opportunity, to say the least.

2. FxPro

FxPro, or ForexPro, is a currency trading broker mostly focused on foreign exchange, a.k.a. forex.

I actually dipped my toe into the forex niche back in the day.

During that time, I made some decent money from 24option’s high-ticket affiliate program.

But they have since left the arena, so I’ll recommend FXpro instead — another big, respected player in the niche.

The foreign exchange niche in general is really profitable for affiliate marketing, and this is one of the most popular programs around.

The commissions can vary a bit depending on what the person you referred actually does on the FxPro platform.

But, generally speaking, you’ll get individual commissions in the hundreds-of-dollars range, with a potential max of $1100.

Not too shabby.

3. Goldco

From dollars and euros we shift our focus to gold and silver.

Precious metals and affiliate marketing can be a powerful combo, because you can actually promote them in a number of different niches.

For example:

  • Survivalists who predict a future financial collapse.
  • Older folks who want some extra security as they age.
  • And people interested in investments in general.

Now, at first glance, the commission rates of 6% may not look so good.

But keep this in mind:

When people buy gold and silver, they tend to buy HUGE amounts, usually as long-term investments.

This means that you could potentially be earning thousands from a single sale.

Even if you got just a handful of those conversions a year, you’d earn some serious money from your website already.

4. Fiverr

Yes, Fiverr has an affiliate program.

And it’s actually surprisingly good.

Note that it’s really only the Fiverr Business campaign that’s high ticket.

If you can get signups to that, you’ll get $100 up front PLUS an ongoing 10% revenue share for each person you got onto the platform.

A really nice opportunity.

For regular Fiverr signups and gigs, the commissions aren’t exactly high ticket, but still pretty decent, ranging from $15 to $50 per conversion.

Since it’s such a popular brand these days, it shouldn’t be too hard to get a handful of conversions each month if you focus on it.

That’s hundreds, potentially thousands in commission up front.

And on top of that, there’s the ongoing rev share of 10%.

With some next-level marketing, this could stack up nicely really fast.

5. Oceanscape Yacht

This company offers private luxury yacht cruises for relatively wealthy people.

Not the absolute wealthiest, since they could probably just buy the yachts, but pretty damn wealthy nonetheless.

The potential earnings from this affiliate program is absolutely, 100% certified next level.

The commission rates seem low at first glance.

However, since the prices are so gloriously high, often paid by a group of people together, the starting commission is a staggering $1250 per booking.

And the more the passengers add to their booking after that, the more your commission keeps climbing!

So, for the ceiling of this one we’re talking multiple thousands of dollars for a single commission.

Of course, that will probably not be a daily thing.

Still, a handful of these in a whole year, and you’ve already surpassed the vast majority of affiliate marketers.

Yes, even the poor, hard-working souls that are grinding their lives away on their 20 different amazon sites — oof!

If you could get to a handful commissions each month with this, you’re basically earning more than an average wage-worker already.

And if you keep growing after that?

Well, then you’re well on your way to booking one of these luxury trips yourself.

6. Villiers

Another private luxury travel option, but this time by air.

This company has over 10.000 planes in their network that can fly across 40.000 different places all around the world.

So, location-wise, you won’t be too limited in your marketing.

They give you a whopping 30% profit share on every flight booked with your affiliate cookie active.

On top of that, you get (in their own words) “recurring revenue for any future bookings a referred person goes on to make”.

That means a potential $1000+ commission for a single booking, plus thousands more for each additional booking after that (without any further work from your end).

In other words, piles of money and passive income.

7. Nolah Sleep

Now, when you think of high-ticket affiliate marketing, a mattress is probably not the first thing that pops into your head.

However, if you find the right type to promote, they can potentially be a goldmine.

This company is one of few that sells those types of mattresses AND has a juicy affiliate program.

You apply through Shareasale, and the commission per sale is over $100 a pop.

BUT the ceiling is actually higher than that, since you’ll get paid a percentage-based commission.

This means you’ll get payouts based on the checkout of the person your referred.

You can see here that the average commission earned is actually a bit higher, at 120 or so:

This is not some obscure brand either, they’re usually doing quite well on the Sharasale power rankings.

So, if you’re in a niche where sleep, comfort, and health is a big deal, consider Nolah Sleep’s affiliate program.

8. Dream Cloud Sleep

Another alternative in the mattress business.

Dream Cloud has a bit lower popularity according to Shareasale’s rankings.

However, they have higher commissions, at $150 per mattress sale.

Their brand also has a bit more of a high-end feel to it, when you compare the creatives and marketing.

Depending on the brand of your website, this could be another point in your favor.

All in all, like Nolah Sleep, you get juicy payouts for promoting something so simple as a quality mattress.

As an affiliate marketer, that’s not a bad deal at all.

And that was 8 of the most lucrative high-ticket affiliate programs around.

As you can see, plenty of opportunities to make big money with high-quality products that your audience will love.

Now, create some fantastic content, market like you mean it, and start collecting those sweet high-ticket commissions!

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