How To Find Profitable Kindle Niches And Keywords

Kindle Keyword Research - 4 Ways To Find New Niches & Keywords FAST(1)(1)

When it comes to kindle publishing, finding new niches and keywords for your books can be quite a challenge (not to mention time-consuming and tiresome).

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

In fact, there are 4 simple methods you can use to quickly create a list of new potential kindle niches and keywords.

They are as follows.

Kindle bestseller keywords and niches

1. Amazon Best Seller Lists

Based on my own experience, this is one of the best ways to find profitable kindle niches and keywords FAST.

Since I’ve already covered this in the complete Kindle publishing guide, I won’t go over it again in this post.

If you haven’t read it yet, or you need a refresher on how it’s done, you can check it out here (see step 2).

how to find profitable kindle niches and keywords

2. The Amazon Search Bar

The second method is very simple, yet incredibly powerful.

Basically, start typing different words into the Amazon search bar and observe the autocomplete list that pops up.

These are all related keywords that people are searching for regularly on Amazon.

This means that you can find plenty of suitable ones for your new Kindle books.

Just remember to check them all with KDSPY to scope out the profitability and level of competition.

The most surefire way to find profitable keywords with the autocomplete feature is this:

A. Come up with a list of search terms you know to be money makers, but which are a bit too competitive.

B. Now, type them into the search bar one at a time, and add a letter after them, starting with “Q” and then cycling through every letter on the keyboard.

C. Once you’ve done that, you can do it again, but with two letters, such as (main keyword) + “er”, for example.

Yes, it’s a bit tedious and time-consuming, but it doesn’t require much brainpower.

With that in mind, you can easily do this while listening to an audiobook or podcast if you wish.

how to do keyword research for kindle

3. Wikipedia

Yes, you read that correctly.

The largest online encyclopedia can be used for more than just school projects or cheating at trivia games.

Here’s how to use it for niche and keyword research:

A. Search for a main keyword on For example, “Yoga”.

B. With a document file open, start skimming through the article and jot down words that may be of interest. For example, “Hatha Yoga”.

C. Keep diving deeper – read through the related pages, like Hatha Yoga, and look for additional words that may be search terms on Amazon, such as “Kundalini”.

If you do this over and over again with a bunch of different niches and keywords, you’re bound to find some golden nuggets.

kindle lsi keywords

4. LSI Keyword Generators

In this case, LSI is short for “latent semantic indexing”.

When we’re talking about LSI keywords, we mean words that are related to a main search term.

For example, if you targeted “baseball”, some LSI keywords would be “baseball bat”, “baseball training”, and “baseball caps”.

You can find a number of free LSI keyword generators online, which spits out a bunch of them based on what you enter.

One of those is

This can be used to great effect when it comes to finding profitable niches and keyword ideas for Kindle and ACX.

Just enter one main keyword at a time, hit the “generate LSI keywords” button, and search through the list for potential candidates.


Happy Hunting!

Now you know how to find profitable Kindle niches & keywords.

If you use all 4 methods correctly, you’ll have more than enough tools at your disposal.

Remember to save the most promising ones you find, and then check their profitability with KDSPY later on.

Take your time and do it right, and you’ll be sure to find a bunch of golden keywords.

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