Niche Site SEO – STOP Worrying (& Do THIS Instead)

Niche Site SEO - STOP Worrying (& Do THIS Instead)

Now and again you hear some noise about some scary Google update that’s coming, or already happened.

You’re told that YOU need to change and tweak this and that thing quickly, or else your website could be doomed.

Well, in this quick post, I’ll tell you about the reality of niche site SEO for you and me – why you shouldn’t worry too much, and what you should focus on instead.

The Truth About the Impending SEO Doomsday

If you’ve researched a bit about building money sites, you’ve probably come across blogs or Youtube channels talking about SEO (search engine optimization).

Sometimes, the advice you find is grounded and useful, telling you how to apply the basics to increase the chances of getting your posts ranked.

Other times, however, you get confusing, scary stories of how things are about to change BIG TIME.

They then tell you that you need to learn a bunch of advanced, complex stuff to keep your site from dying off!

More often than not, this fearmongering comes from people who sell you some sort of subscription service – like a membership site or private Facebook group.

That’s the problem with subscription services, they have to keep justifying their subscription fees.

Focusing on the Essentials = Faster Results

The reality about building money sites is that you need very few additional details after a main blueprint has been learned and put into practice.

You see, Google wants to present its search users with the best, most appropriate content for any given search term.

With time, Google’s bots have gotten better and better at doing this.

So, as long as you stick to the golden fundamentals about content creation and SEO, you won’t have to constantly be watching over your shoulder for some scary, sudden changes that will rip the heart out of your sites.

Unless you already have several successful websites going and you can afford outsourcing most things, here’s the deal:

You don’t have time to stress about every little SEO change that may or may not happen down the line.

Instead, you should focus on best servicing different search terms AND how to monetize that service as efficiently as possible.

The Bottom Line of SEO for New Niche Sites

When you’re creating a brand-new niche site, you NEED momentum.

And you CANNOT build momentum if you keep interrupting your workflow because you feel forced to restructure and tweak stuff.

Waiting for some SEO doomsday that’s supposedly right around the corner will do way more harm than good.

Is your site full of content?

Are you making good money from it already?

If so, then OK, you can dive deeper into the last 2% of SEO if you want to optimize your traffic.

But when you’re starting out with a new niche site, DON’T. GET. DISTRACTED.

IF you do, it will cost you.

Stick to the fundamentals and keep servicing underserved keywords as best as you can, and Google won’t just suddenly nuke your site from orbit.

Maintain your focus on what’s most important – stay on the straight line to success.

If you keep micromanaging and worrying about the finer aspects of SEO, while at the same time trying to do keyword research, content outlines, writing, formatting etc. … you’re going to drive yourself insane.


Keep it simple and keep it smooth.

Focus on the essential fundamentals of money-site building, and hold off on optimizing those last 2 percent of your SEO, and you’ll thank me later.

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