Niche vs Micro-Niche for Affiliate Sites (One Clear Winner)

Niche vs Micro-Niche for Your Website (One Clear Winner & Why) (2)

When you’re starting a new website with profits in mind, you have to decide which market you’re going to target.

And one of the biggest questions that comes up when you’re thinking about this is:

Should you keep your view somewhat broad and go for a niche, or should you REALLY narrow your focus and pick a micro-niche?

In this post, I’ll give you a clear answer to that question, the reasons for why it’s the correct choice, and how you should use this info when creating your site.

If you just want a quick, short answer, here it is:

Pick a niche for your money-making website, NOT a micro-niche.

Reason #1: Expansion Potential

If you’re going to invest your time and money into building an online ASSET (which is what an income-generating website actually is) then you want expansion potential.

Here’s why:

Say you create a website about a certain dog breed.

So, not a website about dogs, which is a niche, but a site about f.ex. German shepherds, which is a micro-niche within the dog niche.

You name your site and get a cute little logo made with a German shepherd on it.

You plan out a bunch of content and get a batch of 40 high-quality, keyword-optimized articles published on your site.

Sometime later, you notice that your site’s traffic is starting to go up, and people are starting to click your affiliate links.

Your first earnings have arrived.

An All-Too-Common Case

You feel the excitement building within you.

You’ve got momentum and things are escalating.

Now is the time to expand, to GROW your monthly traffic and, of course, your income.

You decide to write another batch of 40 posts ASAP, to push this site to the next level.

You look around for keywords for your new content plan and…

Wait a minute… there’s barely anything left!

You get to 8 new posts and then… nothing.

No decent keywords, no new products to write reviews about… nothing!

All the excitement you felt disappears, as you realize that you are more or less boxed in.

You’ve practically written a book about German shepherds and now there’s no more juice to squeeze.

You simply can’t expand your site to a level of meaningful income.

Your site stagnates along with the income — a common and really frustrating scenario among site builders.

A Better Model for Expansion

Now, let’s look at another scenario:

Instead of making, you made a website about dogs in general, called

This time, you approached your content plan with another mindset.

Instead of making 40 posts about German shepherds exclusively, you divided the posts into 4 different categories and wrote about many different dog breeds.

By doing this, you still got to target the same long-tail, low-competition keywords about German shepherds.

And because of that, you get the traffic from people looking for info about German shepherds.

BUT, since you didn’t box yourself in this time, you can continue to expand your site with additional hundreds, if not thousands, of potential content ideas.

In other words, expansion is much, MUCH easier with a niche site than with a micro-niche site.

And this leads to the second reason you should make a niche site instead of a micro-niche site:

Reason #2: Authority

domain authority contributing factors

More specifically, domain authority.

These days, Google favors high-authority domains more than ever before.

But what is a high-authority domain?

A high-authority domain is a site that is seen as being valuable and trustworthy in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

As a result, content of high-authority sites usually ranks at the top of search results faster and easier than content of low-authority sites.

As your site collects backlinks and good user data (and keeps its good standing with Google), its domain authority will gradually increase over time.

This is why it’s better to have a smaller portfolio of f.ex. 5 bigger, high-authority niche sites rather than 20 small micro-niche sites.

So, to sum up the topic of niche vs micro niche:

If you’re thinking like an investor (which you should), niche sites simply have a ton more earning potential in the long term.

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