Recommended Tools

Here’s a short list of my most essential tools for building, growing, monetizing, and marketing my websites.

No fluff or overly-complex stuff!

These are simply the most effective, user-friendly services I personally use.

Best Website Hosting:


Over the years, I’ve used a bunch of different hosting providers for my sites — including cheap options like Bluehost and expensive ones like WPengine.

When comparing performance, pricing, and support, Siteground emerges as the clear winner.

If you’re looking for an affordable yet highly-effective hosting, I strongly recommend signing up with Siteground.

Best WordPress Theme:

Generatepress Premium

I’ve tested tons of different premium WordPress themes, Generatepress is by far my favorite.

Today, having a fast-loading website is very important for Google rankings.

Generatepress is light-weight and user-friendly, and pairs up perfectly with the page builder Elementor.

Best Email List Builder:


When I first looked into building email lists, I was met with a lot of expensive options with complex user interfaces.

Finally, I found Getresponse, which combined ease of use, effectiveness, and affordable pricing.

I’ve used it for 3 years now and have no plans of jumping to something else.

You can try out their software with their 30-day free trial here.

Best Plagiarism Scanner & Proofreader:


Grammarly’s plagiarism scanner is essential for avoiding Google penalties and accusations of copyright infringement.

I use it on every article I write on my websites — just in case I’ve borrowed a little too much from my sources without realizing.

The tool is especially important when outsourcing your writing to freelancers or low-to-mid-tier writing companies.

Of course, you also get Grammarly’s main product, the proofreader software, when signing up.

Though not as vital, it’s a convenient tool that catches small errors and oversights that you’d otherwise miss.